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     Maya (Rec) has been doing her work.                                       Rose (Rec) did a picture of her family.   

                 Maya (Rec) has been doing her work                                                                                  

Dawid (Rec), Anna (Rec) and their dad making Easter cards                  Marco (Rec) has been writing.


     Dawid (Rec) & Anna (Rec) have been drawing the pictures of their family & Pebbles and completed     'Challenge of the day'. 


 Casper (Year 4) exercising with Joe, made some art project & wrote the article, 'The events of Palm Sunday'  


                                Marcus (Year 6) and Mason (Year 1) enjoying a sandwich.  This is some of their art work.   Ps. Marcus broke 100 kicks record !!! 

Marcus (Year 6) and Mason (Year 1) made a car! They made a Happy World Ocean's Day poster.


Oskar W (Year 4) and Igor (Rec) have been very busy:  doing PE with Joe, making  Easter baskets, tidying up their toys and also doing some writings.  They made beautiful posters.


 Geronimo (Year 1) has been very busy, exercising with Joe, working on his art, science and cooking project &

doing his Maths and English.

 Alan (Year 1) has been solving some English problems.


    Maya (Rec) has been doing jigsaw puzzles and drawing a picture of her family.


                                                    Daniel (Year 3) made a volcano !!



Brandon (Year 6) has been very busy; doing Maths, experiment 'Tornado in a bottle', lots of painting and exercising with his sister and Buddy the dog. 

  Olivia (Rec) has completed her 'challenge of the day'; she has been very creative

with the resources she used. Please see a presentation of her Palm Sunday work.



      Julia (Year 3) has made a picture of volcano.              Joanna (Year 3) has been drawing.


     Olivier (Year 3) has been drawing the volcano picture.



       Rose (Year 4) has been doing Mini Vinnies activities

  Scarlett K (Year 1) has been very busy, making a cake, cleaning the dishes and doing her learning. She also made a picture of Nightingale hospital , and a beautiful t-shirt well done!! Scarlett has made a guitar. 


   Jayden (Year 4) has been working on his art project and also helping his mum in the kitchen.



                     Oliver (Rec) has been busy:  exercising, solving Maths problems and doing artwork. 

    Stefanie (Year 3) has made a very colourful palm and completed her volcano project.



Milena (Rec) has been very busy drawing Pebbles, making a banana bread & a palm for Palm Sunday and also doing some science experiments with her brother Alexander (Year 2).

  Alexander (Rec) and Gabriella (Year 2) have been very creative :)


Maya (Year 3) has been building pyramids.


 Ayla (Year 4) & Eithne (Year 3) have been busy with yoga seasons, planting vegetables, baking, growing Epsom crystals and making wool wrapped crosses to display in the window for Good Friday.


Lewis (Year 1) received few certificates last month with on an interactive home tutorial course, also he has made a rainbow pictures and completed some English work & He used play doh to create some food.

Anna & Dawid (Rec) have been very busy making Easter decorations, baking and drawing :) 


 Olivier (Year 3) has been making  pancakes. 


 Casper (Year 4) used a microscope attached to a phone to explore in the garden, very interesting.  He gave  a sugary drink to an exhausted bee. 


Rafael (Year 1) has been very busy doing so many different activities: cooking, magic drawing, science, art and more ..


            Matia (Year 6) has been drawing a picture.

Holly (Year 3) has been busy planting strawberries , exercising with Joe Wicks , playing Piano and doing some online works. Holly made a drawing thanking NHS for their wonderful job.

  Maisie (Year 3) made the chilli bean wraps for lunch. 


  Alexandra (Year 5) and Hanna (Year 2) made a Happy World Ocean's Day poster.