School Uniform

  • Red jumper/ sweatshirt or cardigan -  with logo on.
  • There are now new woollen cardigans with the logo available at the uniform shop.
  • White shirt/blouse or polo shirt.
  • Grey trousers/skirt/or pinafore dress.
  • Red and white checked dress or grey shorts (summer wear).
  • Tights should be plain red, white or grey.
  • Black school shoes; no trainers, boots, high heels, sandals.
  • Label your child’s clothes.
  • Please ensure your child can dress independently.


  • No jewellery at school other than: Small plain studs, one in each ear and small watches (at your own risk).
  • No logos or shapes in boys hair.
  • All girls with hair below the shoulders must be tied back..
  • Hair bands; white, red or black scunchies or elastic bands.
  • No make up or nail varnish.
  • No beads in hair.


  • Keep PE kits in school (apart from Swimming Kits).
  • When PE kits are taken home to wash, please ensure they come back on Monday morning.
  • Light blue T-shirt with the school logo.
  • Plain black school shorts, plain black jogging trousers for the colder months.
  • Black plimsolls.
  • Tights must be removed.
  • Label PE kits.


  • Mobiles only in Y5 and Y6 where children come to school alone.
  • Mobiles should be switched off as soon as they enter the playground.
  • Mobiles must be put in the class valuables box.
  • Any valuables, such as money, should only be brought in if essential and put into the class valuables box.

The school cannot be responsible for expensive clothing, glasses or other valuables that may go lost. There is lost property box outside the hall doors.