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GSO Test

GSO Test

Ofsted Inspection

Our school was inspected in October 2019 and was judged to be a GOOD school.

Read our latest report and find out more details here 

 "Pupils feel that they matter here. They believe that staff really care about their wellbeing. Beyond this, they know that teachers expect them all to succeed, personally and academically" 

"Pupils move sensibly around the school, arrive at lessons promptly and settle down to work quickly. Poor behaviour is not tolerated. Pupils know why it is important to behave well" 

 "Pupils demonstrate respect and tolerance towards each other. Pupils told the inspectors that in the unusual event that bullying occurs, staff act quickly to help resolve the issue. They appreciate this"


Diocese of Westminster (Section 48) Inspection

R.E. Inspection (2018)  Westminster Diocese Canonical Report (R.E. Report) Section 48

This inspection reviews and evaluates how effective the school is in providing Catholic education. The school was inspected on 29th April 2022.


Catholic Life of the School - Good

Classroom Religious Education - Good

Download a copy of this report here


"The influence of RE permeates all aspects of the learning environment and is evident throughout the school."

"The school’s mission, ‘To love God and love one another, to respect ourselves, respect one another and respect the world around us’ is clear and contributes positively to the way the school expresses itself as a Catholic community."

"Pupils are proud of their school and can celebrate its inherent Catholic ethos enthusiastically with visitors."

"Parents are very positive and appreciative of the school’s impact on their children’s faith journey."