Easter Bonnet

Don't forget to make your Easter Bonnet!!!!!





Reception 2019-2020

Hello and welcome to Reception class, the first step on each child's learning journey at St.Paul's School. The staff are Miss Cheater, Ms Edwards and Miss Zuzanna.



Holy Week and Our Easter Duties.

Below is a link to a  message from Cardinal Nichols, which clearly outlines the Church's expectations, of our Easter Duties during these challenging times.


God Bless

Into Film,  have produced some film guides and fun resources for children for you to use at home.

They also have some competitions that children can enter.


Please see the link  below;


I am holding the large Palm Branch Fr. Perry gave to the school on Ash Wednesday at the beginning of Lent. Please send in pictures of the Palms you made at home to: admin@st-pauls.haringey.sch.uk.   Remember to type into the subject bar HLPY and your class number.

Monday 6/4/2020

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well.

I have posted some question for about Easter for you to discuss as a family. 

The Servant King

Questions to think about:

Why do we call Jesus the Servant King?

How did he arrive into Jerusalem?

How was his arrival different to a King?

What did the crowds shout?

What did they do?


The Passover

Exodus 12:14 , Matt:26:17,  Luke 22:7

Jesus arrived in Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover.

What was Jesus remembering when celebrating passover?

How did Jesus and the apostles celebrate passover?

How do we as Catholics ,remember these events of the in our lives ?

How do Jewish people celebrate the Passover today?

What did Jesus do to show he was the servant King?

The Greatest Commandment


What does Jesus say is the greatest Commandment?



To watch Palm Sunday Mass follow the link below


To watch a message from Pope Francis





Happy Easter

Easter is a time of hope and new beginnings

To my lovely Reception children and their families. I would like to wish you all  a very HAPPY EASTER filled with love. Stay safe and look after each other and don't eat too much chocolate. I will try not to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun doing lots of Easter activities and I will be back on Monday 20th April.

Lots of love

Miss Cheater


Easter prayer

God made you and God made me,

He made the world for us to see.

God loves you and long ago,

He sent his son to tell us so.

Jesus showed us many things,

To love and share and dance and sing.

To learn and pray, to help and care,

He promised he'd always be there

He died but then came back to life,

Let's celebrate for he's alive


 Good morning to you all (Friday 3rd April 2020)

Another day where you have all put a big smile on my face by sending in your wonderful work and amazing drawings and of course your lovely e mails. I am sending you all big hugs as I write this!!

Today is the day where I announce this weeks star of the week. Before I do, I would like to say a massive well done to all of you who have been completing my daily tasks and challenges at home and well done to the parents for supporting this. We couldn't do this without you.

I couldn't choose just one star of the week as I have had so many children sending in their amazing work, videos, e mails and message, so here it goes!!

Drum roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My stars of the week go to Maya, Rose, Anna, Dawid, Hamish, Marco, Igor and Olivia. A very well done to you all :)


A prayer to share

.Dear God

Please keep my family, friends, and loved ones safe. Please watch over us and take care of us.


 A prayer for you  to read Reception

Please remember to take the Palm Sunday challenge. I look forward to seeing your work. 

Have a lovely day and stay safe.

Miss you all

Miss Cheater




Take the  Palm Sunday challenge!

Hi Reception,

This Sunday is Palm Sunday.

I would like you all to make a palm and put it in your window, so people passing by will know it is Palm Sunday. I have attached a link below showing how to make a palm.

You will nee a  parent to help or you can make one of your own designs.

Make a story board with 4 pictures an 4 words to tell the story of Palm Sunday

Watch the video link below.


Ask your parents to support you read the Palm Sunday story.


Mr O

Hello Reception and Miss Cheater.

Can I please check is Pebbles sticking her tongue out at me?

Very Cheecky!

Mr O

Pebbles would like to say hello to all of Reception class and she is looking forward to meeting you one day. Keep up the good work.xx

Good morning to you all (Thursday 2nd April 2020)

Thank you for all of your lovely e mails, videos and pictures that you have been sending. It's so lovely to hear from you and to know that you are keeping safe and well.

Challenge for the day

Last night I posted a picture of my dog Pebbles, so this is what I would like you to do.

I have told you many stories about Pebbles and all the things she gets up to so lets see how much you remember.

I would like you to draw a picture of Pebbles. You can be creative with the resources you use!! I then want you to answer the following questions.

What is her favourite fruit?

What is her favourite toy?

What colour is her harness?

Last night she had a dream. What do you think her dream was about?

Write your answers next to your picture. Make sure you use your phonics to write!! 

I look forward to seeing your pictures and of course your answers.

Have a lovely day and miss you all

Miss Cheater and Pebbles



Good morning to you all (Wednesday 1st April 2020)

I hope that you all had a good day yesterday and are showing your parents what fantastic learners you all are.

Challenge for the day -To make your own jigsaw puzzle

Have a go at making your own puzzle by cutting up a picture form a cereal box, old posters,, magazine covers, colouring sheets or you can draw your own picture to cut up.  You can make it as challenging as you like depending on how many pieces you cut it into!!

(Parents, this will help your child's coordination and concentration skills)

Once you have finished cutting up your picture, see how long it takes you to put the puzzle back together again. Set a challenge with your family!! Perhaps you can record your time on a piece of paper. 

I would like to say a big thank you for all the lovely e mails and photos being sent in. It's so lovely to see you all.

Big, big hugs to you all and have a happy and safe day.

Miss Cheater



Good morning to  my lovely Reception class families on a sunny Tuesday morning (31.3.20)

As the sun is out, I would like you to draw a picture of your family with lovely smiley faces. Lets make today a really happy day!! Please take photos of your work and we can put them on the website. I look forward to seeing your wonderful pictures.  

Please remember to continue the activities below.

Have a happy day and miss you

Miss Cheater :)


Challenge for week

To create a weekly meal planner.

I would like you to make a weekly plan of what you eat throughout the day. You can make your own template by writing the days of the week down the left side of your paper and then across the top you can write breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Please encourage your child to use their phonics to write the words. No writing it for them parents!!!!!!! Children, you can sing the days of the week song to your parents to remind you of the order!! Once you have completed this, keep it in your folder and we can share this with your friends. Please write your name and date your work at the top of your paper.

You will be able to see if you are eating a balanced diet throughout the week. (please remember to keep this going for the week)

What is a balanced diet?

To maintain a heathy balanced diet you should try to:

* Eat at least 5 portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables everyday

* Drink plenty  (at least 6-8 glasses a day)

^ Eat some beans, pulses, fish, eggs, meat and other protein

Daily challenge

Remember to do your daily phonics lesson. You can do this by working through your phonics book, listening to Jolly phonics on 'You Tube' and  reading.  Don't forget to read and write your tricky words!! Don't forget to use 'Phonics play' (phases 3 and 4)

Remember to practise your number formation to 20 and continue to find different ways of making 10. 

One last thing Reception, HELP YOUR PARENTS!!!  

Send us photos  of all the fun and interesting projects and  activities that you are completing at home. The best images will be published on the school website.

Photos to be sent to admin@st-pauls.haringey.sch.uk

Have a lovely day

Miss you all very much 

Miss Cheater and Pebbles the dog 


Friday 27th March

Hi Everyone 

Please find below a link to the St Vincent de Paul society with lots of fun activities to do . Please click here.

Take care and stay safe.  MrO


Good morning to all my lovely Reception children and their families on a very sunny Thursday morning.

I hope that you are all helping your parents with the housework, especially tidying your room!!!! You can take this opportunity to sort out your toys and put them into their correct boxes. You can take a photo of your tidy room and we can have a competition to see who worked the hardest.  House points will be awarded and special stickers so get tidying and sorting!!!!!

Challenge for the day - Estimating (Please make sue that you complete this activity)

Find a plastic jar or container and fill it to the top with any objects that you can find around the house or in your garden. Your job is to ask your family members how many objects they think are in the jar/container. A question to ask your family

"Mummy/daddy can you estimate how many objects are in this jar?" 

Write your family names on your paper and the number they have guessed.  Count the objects together to find out the winner!! Please keep the work that you do in a folder and we can celebrate this when we return to school

.Below is a link to a great maths website


Have a lovely day and miss you all

Miss Cheater and of course Pebbles the dog

I have also added the end of year expectations for all areas of learning.






Reception Curriculum information for Spring 2 2020    Living eggs Spring 2

Reception Curriculum Information For Spring 1 2020.

Reception Welcome letter to Parents - September 2019.

Reception Curriculum Information for Autumn 2019.

Expected levels for the end of Reception part-1

Expected levels for the end of Reception part 2


Reception Curriculum Map 2019/20


Learn at home - click on the links below:



 You tube - Jolly phonics songs

You tube - Number Blocks

You tube - Number Jacks

Google - Poop deck pirates - phonics game - phases 3 and 4 


You tube - PE with Joe (Monday - Friday at 9am)