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Teddy Bear Launches into Space (5th July, 2017)



On Wednesday 5th July, 13 pupils from St. Paul’s Catholic Primary School embarked on a school trip like no other. Armed with a teddy bear, a series of incredibly small computers (called Raspberry Pis) and a high density high altitude balloon, the intrepid crew set off in the early hours of the morning to a field in Elsworth, Cambridge. Their mission was simple, to launch the school teddy bear (‘Justin Bee-Bear’) into space, which would send back live flight images and photographs of its stratospheric voyage! This extraordinary project was part of the school’s ongoing celebrations to mark the 130th anniversary of their opening and it certainly did not fail to disappoint.


Once the children arrived in Elsworth, they set up camp in a discreet farmer’s field where they began to set up the balloon launch. With Justin Bee-Bear attached, and vast quantities of helium inserted into the balloon, the children were ready for the launch! 


At 11.30am, an excitable countdown ensued before the balloon was released. An audible sigh of wonder and awe could be heard as the balloon (with teddy attached) shot up into the air – at a speed of around 6 metres per second. The excited group watched as the balloon began to get smaller and smaller as it travelled upwards – thankfully a perfect summer’s cloudless sky meant that the balloon could be observed until it finally disappeared from view.


Every few seconds, the small computer was capturing images (both video and still) of Justin’s rise through the atmosphere, whereupon it entered the stratosphere. The images that were beamed back down to earth were simply out of this world (excuse the pun). The children and adults alike gasped in awe as some of the images showed the curvature of Planet Earth in the background. Our brave bear travelled a total of 36438 meters into the air (nearly 23 miles).


At this point, the balloon itself expanded to around 8 metres in diameter due to the pressure - before bursting and falling back at an alarming speed of 60 meters per second (nearly 135 miles an hour) back to Earth. This is when the adventure really kicked into gear as the ‘Chase Team’ revved the engines, followed the tracking system that showed the trajectory of Justin’s fall and drove into Sussex hoping to meet the bear as it landed. And they were not far off!


At around 3pm, the chase team located the bear in a wheat field in Stowbridge. The bear was in remarkably good condition considering his intergalactic adventure! He was still in one piece and, most importantly of all, was still smiling! The children, staff and Justin Bee-Bear himself, had an amazing time taking part in an adventure that was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Justin is now sitting proudly on display in the school – a hero of his time in an adventure that will never be forgotten by the children at the school.

This is a view from our camera in space!



Latest News from Pendarren 2017:



Friday 30th June, 2017:

12.30pm: Children are on board the bus and on their way back to London! I hope they did not forget the teachers!


7.30am: The children had a busy morning packing their cases and enjoying a hearty breakfast - before setting off to do the 'Bushcraft' activity. They finished the session by toasting marshmallows on the fire! Amazing! You can see the latest photographs of the morning's activities in the GALLERIES section.


Thursday 29th June, 2017:

7.30am: The children all slept well and were treated to bacon and beans for breakfast! They then made their way to the 'River Study', which includes the exciting visit to the caves! Later this evening, the children will be showing off their dance moves in the disco.

The children are all in fantastic spirits and having a ball in Pendarren!


Wednesday 28th June, 2017:

8.00pm: The latest new from Pendarren is that everyone is doing really well! The children (and adults!) enjoyed their time at the museum. They went swimming before tucking into a large dinner - which was thoroughly enjoyed by all! At this very moment, the children are all engrossed in the wonderful story-telling skills of author Daniel Morden. It sounds like they have all had a very busy day!

5.00pm: Take a look at some more of the photographs of today's activity at St. Fagan's Museum of Welsh Life (in the GALLERIES section). It looks like the children are having a real ball!

7.00am: Mr Mulligan called today to say that the children have all had a great night's sleep and are ready for their third day of activities at Pendarren.

The rain has arrived in Wales, which is good news as today's activity involves a trip into Cardiff to visit St. Fagan's Museum of Welsh Life (so at least they will keep dry!)

The children spent the evening last night playing in the field in the sunshine and had a wonderful day!


Tuesday 27th June, 2017:

7.30pm: Take a look at some of the photographs from this afternoon's 'Minibeast Quest' in Pendarren in our GALLERIES section.


1.30pm: Latest photographs from Pendarren can be seen on our GALLERIES page.


9.00am: The children all had a great night's sleep and have woken up - ready to take on the challenges of the day. Today the children are taking part in 'River Studies' and orienteering. They are all really excited and having a great time. 


Monday 26th June, 2017:

1.00pm: The children have just arrived at Pendarren Lodge and are all in good spirits! They are just getting ready for the mountain walk! Have a great time everybody!


10.00am: The children left school earlier today and their estimated arrival time at Pendarren Lodge is 1.30pm.




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We are delighted to see that the hard work of our Mini Vinnies in promoting the Catholic Life of the school has received official recognition from the Westminster Record (May 2016 edition). You can view the article on the following link: Mini Vinnies Press Release - May 2016